What is the socially correct size for a brand?

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When are you big enough to be concerned by your digital reach?

As I was having an exquisite lunch with this old friend working in the organic cosmetics industry, despite having tried to avoid the topic we finally got into it.  It was one of the first sunny days of this summer in Paris and we were much more preoccupied with the quality of the food and the view of the terrace we were sitting at, when ran out of topics!

Having a control over your digital reputation and reach as focusmatic offers it is of much value to him. The brand he represents has a specific sales strategy in which existing customers are incited to recommend the product to others (vs. media investments).  The social platforms are hence critical for him.  But operations being still recent he could not see the impact of the such strategy in the overall top-line growth.

When looking deeper in what they were doing, it seemed they had implemented a good chunk of a highly advanced digital strategy.  They had indeed a community manager engaging consumers one by one, but he lacked productivity tools to understand what the landscape was about.  Which themes are most recurrent?  What are people really concerned about when talking of their products?  Where are the most engaged consumers so you can focus your limited sales team’s efforts?

We think any brand can benefit from a better in-depth understanding of its consumers and that goes with a continuous analytical process on all the digital bits and pieces left by your consumers. If you are interested in hearing our thoughts – we’ll be happy to discuss that with you drop us a line.

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